This page contains a list of my scientific publications, latest first. Each title links to the blog entry which contains an abstract and a link to the actual publication! (A list of blog entries with peer reviewed publications is found here.)

23. L. Rademaker, Quenching the Kitaev honeycomb model, arXiv:1710.09761 (2017).

22. L. Rademaker, J. Zaanen, Quantum Thermalization and the Expansion of Atomic Clouds, Sci. Rep. 7, 6118 (2017); arXiv:1703.02489.

21. Y. Wang, L. Rademaker, E. Dagotto, and S. Johnston, Phonon linewidth due to electron- phonon interactions with strong forward scattering in FeSe thin films on oxide substrates, Phys. Rev. B. 96, 054515 (2017); arXiv:1703.02013.

20. L. Rademaker, M. Ortuno, and A. M. Somoza, Many-body localization and delocalization from the perspective of Integrals of Motion, Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 529, 1600322 (2017); arXiv:1610.06238.

19. L. Rademaker, V. V. Vinokur, and A. Galda, Universality and critical behavior of the dynamical Mott transition in a system with long-range interactions, Sci. Rep. 7, 44044 (2017); arXiv:1608.07779.

18. L. Rademaker, Z. Nussinov, L. Balents, and V. Dobrosavljevic, Absence of Marginal Stability in Self-Generated Coulomb Glasses, arXiv:1605.01822 (2016).

17. Y. Wang, K. Nakatsukasa, L. Rademaker, T. Berlijn, and S. Johnston, Aspects of electron-phonon interactions with strong forward scattering in FeSe Thin Films on SrTiO3 substrates, invited publication for Supercond. Sci. Technol.; arXiv:1602.00656 (2016).

16. L. Rademaker and J. A. Mydosh, Quantum Critical Matter and Phase Transitions in Rare-Earths and Actinides, Handbook of Chemistry and Physics of Rare Earths and Actinides, Vol. 49, 293 (2016).

15. L. Rademaker, A. Ralko, S. Fratini and V. Dobrosavljevic, Avoiding Stripe Order: Emergence of the Supercooled Electron Liquid, J. Supercond. Nov. Magn. 29, 601 (2016); arXiv:1508.03065.

14. L. Rademaker, M. Ortuño, Explicit Local Integrals of Motion for the Many-Body Localized State, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 010404 (2016); arXiv:1507.07276.

13. L. Rademaker, The Tower of States and the Entanglement Spectrum in a Coplanar Antiferromagnet, Phys. Rev. B 92, 144419 (2015); arXiv:1507.04402 (2015).

12. L. Rademaker, Y. Wang, T. Berlijn and S. Johnston, Enhanced superconductivity due to forward scattering in FeSe thin films on SrTiO3 substrates, New J. Phys. 18, 022001 (2016); arXiv:1507.03967.

11. R.-J. Slager, L. Rademaker, J. Zaanen and L. Balents, Impurity Bound States and Greens Function Zeroes as Local Signatures of Topology, Phys. Rev. B 92, 085126 (2015); arXiv:1504.04881 (2015).

10. S. Mahmoudian, L. Rademaker, A. Ralko, S. Fratini and V. Dobrosavljevic, Glassy dynamics in geometrically frustrated Coulomb liquids without disorder, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 025701 (2015); arXiv:1412.4441.

9. L. Rademaker, T. van der Reep, N. Van den Broeck, B. van Waarde, M. de Voogd and T. Oosterkamp, The Instability of a Quantum Superposition of Time Dilations; arXiv:1410.2303 (2014)

8. K. Wu, L. Rademaker and J. Zaanen, Bilayer Excitons in Two-Dimensional Nanostructures for Greatly Enhanced Thermoelectric Efficiency, Phys. Rev. Applied 2, 054013 (2014); arXiv:1401.7770 (2014).

7. L. Rademaker, S. Johnston, J. Zaanen and J. van den Brink, Determinant quantum Monte Carlo study of exciton condensation in the bilayer Hubbard model, Phys. Rev. B 88, 235115 (2013); arXiv:1310.0623.

6. L. Rademaker, J. van den Brink, J. Zaanen and H. Hilgenkamp, Exciton condensation in strongly correlated electron bilayers, Phys. Rev. B 88, 235127 (2013); arXiv:1310.0685.

5. L. Rademaker, Y. Pramudya, J. Zaanen and V. Dobrosavljevic,  Influence of long-range interactions on charge ordering phenomena on a square lattice, Phys. Rev. E 88, 032121 (2013); arXiv:1306.4765.

4. L. Rademaker, J. van den Brink, H. Hilgenkamp and J. Zaanen, Enhancement of spin propagation due to interlayer exciton condensation, Phys. Rev. B 88, 121101(R) (2013); arXiv:1304.3643.

3. L. Rademaker, K. Wu and J. Zaanen, Dynamics of a single exciton in strongly correlated bilayers, New J. Phys. 14, 3040 (2012); arXiv:1202.3616.

2. L. Rademaker, K. Wu, H. Hilgenkamp and J. Zaanen, The dynamical frustration of interlayer excitons delocalizing in bilayer quantum antiferromagnets. Europhys. Lett. 97, 27004 (2012); arXiv:1106.5347.

1. L. Rademaker, J. Zaanen and H. Hilgenkamp, Prediction of quantization of magnetic flux in double-layer exciton superfluids, Phys. Rev. B 83, 012504 (2011); arXiv:1009.1793.


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